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Some south loop clients checking out poster hanging in Circle Gallery

  South Loop clients stopping into Circle Gallery on Wabash to check out larger than life poster.

Design From a Distance

While I and most of my clients shelter in place, were still working virtually! 

Currently Im doing both interior and exterior projects. While most of what I do is interior, a full service approach has carried over into everything from getting roofs replaced to tuck-pointing, garage doors, pads and paint. Since this is the season for sprucing up our yards and all things outdoorsand crews are happy for the work (still using caution of course) you can continue moving forward with your wish list. 


Most of you are able to send photos and measurements and with those I can do floor plans / space planning, find furnishings, see where/what lighting is needed. Many of my suppliers are open and sending samples of fabrics, wallpapers and window treatment options.


Take a look at your surroundings, this may be the time / opportunity for you to make some updates.

Light *
Color * Affordability

36 years in the Design Industry have shown us some
great changes, my favorite- "Green Design."  Works out great for me, being both my name and my philosophy! People are willing to be more involved in a hands on approach to making their house a home. I'm here to guide you in making your habitat the most comfortable and inviting space for you, be it  contemporary, traditional or any style you have in mind.

I cherish the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", but when you need to... do the "fixin" with more Joy and Less Stress. Why gut and start from scratch if you don't have to?  Let's look at what you've got, figure out what you need and want and together, make it great. Recover that comfortable chair, use a coat or 2 of paint on the cupboards or other pieces that have seen better days. There are lots of ways to decorate “Green” and beautify your surroundings while having fun and feeling good about your choices. 
  • Jaqi Green Interiors will help you customize your surroundings to fit your lifestyle.
  • Downsizing from larger home (or 2)... we'll look at everything you have and figure out what will fit best and what to sell or donate.
  • First time home owner, starting from scratch...we'll find the basic pieces you need to get started, and continue as you are able.
  • Arranging artwork, room layout, selecting paint colors, fabrics, furnishings, window treatments- it's all about YOU!
Design Consultation involves finding out what your needs are, what your style is, and how we can get you there in a painless and cost effective way.  Many people know what they like (or don’t like), just not where to start.  We’ll discuss a budget, how you prefer to spend your money… perhaps you would rather purchase custom window treatments and do some painting yourself, or invest in new flooring and use ready made curtain panels.  I refer tried and true professionals to get you quality product and work at reasonable prices.

Find out more about how we can work together by reading the More Joy, Less Stress Agreement below.

I am proud to be a member of the following Local Organizations: South Loop Referral Group, South Loop Neighbors, Professional Women's Club of Chicago and I'm an avid user of the Igo Car Sharing Program.
    Links to these organizations may be found on the Contact page.

WGN (link) interview from June 29, 2014 with Rick Pearson