More Joy Less Stress Agreement

“More Joy, Less Stress” Agreement

I’m delighted to be working with you to create the space you really want. This agreement creates a partnership, our interactions are always open for discussion. You communicate your needs, your comfort level regarding boundaries in moving forward, costs and any concerns that come up as soon as they arise so we may address them and continue with JOY and less stress. 

This agreement is offered in good faith, with trust to keep the commitments made here. You are hiring me as your designer to make changes in your environment that will make your space more comfortable, functional and reflect the real you. These changes can happen quickly or may take more time, based on the amount of work to be done, product availability, special orders and custom-made items for your home.

As your Designer I commit to:

  • Help you to visualize, clarify and define the changes you want to see happen
  • Recommend quality products, appropriate for your needs
  • Refer services of only “tried and true” professionals
  • Keep you well informed on the progress of the project

As the Client you commit to:

  • Be open to change and being prepared for our appointments
  • Voicing your needs, address changes you wish to see happen during the process
  • Accept responsibility for the selections you agree to

Hourly rate for consultation is $120.00 (120.00 for residential clients, 125.00 for associations) I charge a minimum of 1 hour for each meeting, then in 15-minute increments, payable at the end of each day.      If job at onset is determined to take several months, than a payment schedule may be set. Phone consultation, research and ordering are charged in 15-minute increments on a cumulative basis, and will be added to the next invoice. Any orders placed through me, depending on stock / delivery, will require either a 50% deposit or payment in full. If you wish for me to act as your purchasing agent in order for you to take advantage of my discounts through wholesale vendors, I will split my discount with you, IE, if I get 50% off an item, you will receive 25% off with the understanding that you will be responsible for the order (shipping, receiving, any damage issues) once it is placed.

My hours are flexible, many of my clients work M-F, so I do work on weekends and evening when needed. It is best to call my office phone at 312.922-5888, and leave a message if I’m out. I check for messages frequently during the day.  To change or cancel appointments, please give me 24-hour’s notice.